SARGASSO skapas med syfte att stärka den marintekniska industrin i Sverige genom att fungera som en plattform där företag kan hitta rätt ingångar till lösningar på de utmaningar som de har idag eller också ser i framtiden. Mer information kommer att komma inom kort!


“The RFP defines your technical and/or service based challenge. It is typically on the middle/higher end of the TRL-scale*. It should state the scope of your challenge and the business case. Make sure your request is understandable and appealing to partners outside of your own industry.”


”The RFD defines your innovation. It is a rough outline of the roadmap needed to develop the idea into a commercialized product or service. The RFD is typically not yet mature enough to put on the TRL-scale*. Keep it short and sweet with your future customers top of mind.”