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Due to its geographical location, shipping and the maritime industry as a whole has always been pivotal to Sweden, both for trade and transport. 90% of all cargo going in or out of the country is at some stage transported at sea. Around 180 million tons of cargo per year reach Sweden through its many ports and passenger ferries calling at Swedish ports annually transports 30 million passengers. Sweden is one of the world’s most export-dependent countries and its maritime cluster employs about 35 000 people.

SMTF represents the full spectrum of suppliers of the shipping industry and strive to increase the competitiveness of Swedish shipping on a national and international level. As representatives of the maritime technology industry we facilitate the progressive development of Swedish enterprises, innovations and enable them to reach a broader market.

Shipping and its technical and environmental development is a prerequisite for long-term sustainable transport systems. The environmental impact from shipping is still comparatively low considering unit of freight transported and distance covered. Nevertheless the improvement potential is huge and necessary. In order to meet the demand of a sustainable development and the regulations and policies that follows, the marine industry in Sweden must remain in the forefront of the development of technologies that reduce the environmental impact of ship transport. In cooperation with our member companies and project partners we aim to consolidate and expand upon the traditionally strong environmental profile characteristic for Sweden.