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Så hjälps vi åt att utveckla den maritima industrin

Bli medlem

The leisure boat industry


Sweden boasts with the longest coastline in Europe, 95,000 navigable lakes , miles of canals and some of the world’s largest archipelagos. Such prerequisites provides for a wealth of unique opportunities for a rich and vibrant boating.
This is reflected in a highly secured and well profiled leisure boat industry whose total value amounts to 8 billion per year whereby boat production counts for nearly 1.5 billion. The boating industry is also very important from a socioeconomic perspective as the boat building tradition in Sweden has its stronghold in areas characterized by low employment rates. The boat production alone adds a key value and a spin-off effect that reverberate on the rest of the boating industry, not least in tourism. As one of the world’s most active leisure boat countries, Sweden supports a major boating tourism.

The population of recreational boats is greater than ever before and the industry is facing new challenges in terms of an ageing leisure boat fleet and tighter environmental restrictions for the marinas. On the other hand it also benefits from groundbreaking innovations in lightweight composite materials tying it closer to market shares in the offshore industry.
SMTF’s network for entrepreneurs in the leisure boat industry helps business owners to make new valuable contacts and to get support and help with their business plan or technology development.