The first company in the Amokabel group was established in 1992. By focusing on technological development and modernization, we have organically managed to build a very profitable and successful company group. Our constant pursuit of growth has resulted in several new companies active in the manufacturing and distribution of cable. At the same time, we have invested in renewable energy; solar power, wind power and hydro power. Amokabel has today a total production area of 40 000m².

Unlike our competitors, we can manufacture special cables with short lead time and according to specific customer volumes. We have low requirements for minimum volumes and we can easily reset production for a quick delivery.

We have a wide range of special cables within a number of segments:

– Mining

– Subsea

– Shipbuilding

– Oil & Gas

– Automotive

– Industy

– Renewables

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Kabelvägen 5, SE-364 43 Alstermo, Sweden