Enjay represents an enormous potential in energy savings.


True climate solution

Enjay represents an enormous potential in energy savings. For the property owner, it’s a saving in the $10 000’s annually per restaurant. Simply good business. On a global scale, it’s exactly the kind of sustainability solution that the climate so desperately needs: Billions of dollars saved in energy, hundreds of millions of tons saved in CO2 emissions.

Since always, the problem in recovering energy from restaurant ventilation is that grease particles clog up and ruin technical equipment. That is why restaurants and property owners still waste 100 % of this energy by releasing the entire exhaust airflow. This is what Lepido™ is the solution to, with very high ROI.

Lepido™ bypasses the entire problem by letting most of the grease particles pass straight through the recovery battery, while at the same time salvaging energy from the airflow. The system works equally well in warm and cold climates, and there is always flexibility in how to utilize the output.

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