Meet the Buyer – Online

New times calls for new measures! “Meet the buyer – Online” is a web based event where potential buyers and solution providers meet. Both parts give a presentation of the topic at hand with time for Q&A:s afterwards. After the session there is an option to join the presenters in separate break out rooms for further discussions and questions.

The focus for this meet-up is Climate Driven Innovation for financial and environmental sustainability

29th April 09.20-12.00
This event is free of charge. Sign up here to receive your invitation to the meet-up.

“Meet the Buyer – Online” is an event organized by; an open innovation and collaboration platform for blue growth run by Swedish Maritime Technology Forum part of RISE.

Meet Emtunga Solutions AB
Emtunga is based in Gothenburg/Arendal and produces tailormade living quarters for the offshore industry. Their customer base are all the big oil companies. Emtunga is this meet-up’s potential buyer who will tell us about what their customers requests regarding energy efficiency solutions and what they are curious to learn more about to implement on coming offshore housing modules.

Meet the solution providers
This meet-up’s solution providers present different cases of energy efficient innovations and solutions;

ENJAY Solutions
ENJAY is working on their first maritime project together with Caribbean Cruise Lines and Meyer Werft installing Lipido; their unique maintenance-free system for recovering energy from restaurant ventilation. Their solution distributes the hot and fat free air back into the heating/cooling system of the facilities, generating big energy savings.

Climate Recovery
New to the maritime market, Climate Recovery (CR) recently received EU-funding to help the maritime industry reduce its environmental footprint. CR make ventilation ducts that cuts CO2 emissions by 90% against standard production alternatives. They have a patent-protected ability to be transformed from round to rectangular at any point in the installation and weigh over 50% less than their standard round sheet metal counterparts. They also reduce the level of noise up to 6 dBa.

SeaTwirl is developing a floating wind turbine for the ocean. SeaTwirl’s wind turbine is easier to build, install and maintain than traditional offshore wind turbines due to the simplicity of the construction and the proximity to the generator housing, which is easily accessible, right above water level and below the wind turbine.

Additional guest speaker in the coffee break and in the break out session;
VR company
Divine Robot. Join Divine Robot’s CEO Jaana Nykanen in the Break-lounge to learn about what virtual reality, game- and app-development can do for the maritime industry.


09.20 Come on in, camera and microphone switched of please
09.30 Welcome, Eva Errestad Swedish Maritime Technology Forum/RISE
09.45 Introducing our additional guest speaker; Divine Robot
09.50 Emtunga Solutions, Ann-Britt Trogen
10.15 TBC
10.40 Coffee Break (Divine Robot in the break lounge)
10.50 ENJAY, Christina Segerström
11.10 Climate Recovery, Göran Bernhardsson
11.30 SeaTwirl, Efva Willén
11.50 Wrap Up and break out session (Divine Robot in the break lounge)
12.00 End of meet-up