The objective of the GreenPilot project is to demonstrate that introduction of methanol as a fuel for smaller ships can improve competitive power and reduce the environmental impact. The target group is both commercial operations and recreational boating.

Project partners include; SMTF (lead), SSPA, ScandiNaos (technical lead), Swedish Maritime Administration and Swedish Transport Administration.

The project, which began in March 2016, intends to convert a pilot boat to methanol operation to show how a methanol conversion of a smaller vessel can be carried out in practice and to demonstrate the emissions reductions that can be achieved. Methanol is a sulphur-free clean-burning alcohol that has reduced emissions of harmful particulates and nitrous oxides as compared to conventional marine fuels.

There are currently no rules in force that applies for installation of low flashpoint fuel in small ships. The project will address this issue as well and propose relevant rules and requirements.

In the project, a variety of methanol combustion concepts will be evaluated. The concept that is considered to be the most appropriate will be further developed. Laboratory test will be performed to verify performance regarding operation and emissions and the engines will be equipped for marine installation.

The project will come to an end in 2018.

More information can be found on the projects web page;

The project is financed by; The Swedish Maritime Administartion, The Swedish Transport Administration and the Methanol Institute.