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Bergaflex AB



The Bergaflex brand is synonymous with exceptional quality and carefully considered designs for solar protection. Bergaflex was founded in 1964. Since 1970, we have concentrated on metallised films.

Our high-tech products build on tradition and experience, and are made using some of the highest quality materials available.

The Bergaflex system for sun and glare protection has been installed on a great number of ship bridges since the 1980s.

Bergaflex shades, based on metallised polyester film, are available in different colour combinations. They reduce solar energy by up to 90% and have a light transmission of between 2% and 13%.

Bergaflex provides an excellent service to our clients. We offer high-quality products and short delivery times, and respond rapidly whenever our clients require our assistance.

Please contact us for further information regarding sunscreens or blackouts for map rooms and cabins on board.

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Lastgatan 9, 254 64 Helsingborg

+46 738 380 932