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Trident BMC was created as merge of Baltec Marine and Callenberg Technology comprising all divisions under Baltec Marine as well as the Energy Management Technology (EMT), Marine Conversions, HVAC Marine Newbuild and Spare part departments of Callenberg Technology.  

As a unified group we support marine and offshore customers worldwide through the whole lifecycle leveraging our broad range of competences and global presence. 

 For ship owners and shipyards seeking integrated solutions, Trident BMC has experience with newbuilds and refurbishment within the following areas: 

  • Design & Engineering
  • Interior Outfitting
  • Environmental Services (EGCS, BWTS, SCR)
  • Energy Management & Electrical Services
  • HVAC
  • Hull & Steel
  • Pipeline installation
  • Boiler Repairs
  • High Voltage Shore Connection 

We are engineers and craftsmen. Inventors and designers. Artisans and master shipwrights. Innovators and implementers. Everywhere you are, we are. Everything you need, we provide. Full service. Full responsibility. Turnkey execution, from drawings through delivery. 

Go ahead, challenge us!

Kontakta oss

Adress: Lindholmsallén 10, 417 55, Gothenburg, Sweden

+46 31 762 32 00