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Ongoing projects

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Clean North Sea Shipping – Improved Dissemination and Impact (CNSS-IDI) builds on the successful Interreg IVBb project Clean North Sea Shipping (CNSS). A research driven project on emission and greenhouse gas reduction from ships through the use of available technology and implementation of cleaner energy solutions for ships in ports or at sea.

CNSS created an increased awareness and provided key-input for strategic and operational policy-building among regional and national stakeholders, politicians, ports and shipping companies.

As a result from the CNSS-project three emission modelling tools were developed for different purposes and end-users. CNSS-IDI’s main objective is to communicate the tools, hence educate the community and better position the maritime industry to handle emission gas related issues and build on the knowledge gained in CNSS.

Finished projects

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The Resource Efficient Maritime Capacity (REMCAP) project is funded through the European Union’s Framework Program. It is a collaborative project with a consortium consisting of actors from six European regional research driven clusters in the maritime sector. The main purpose of REMCAP is to develop the clusters availability to promote innovation, enabling sustainable growth in the maritime sector. Its objectives are to facilitate interaction and knowledge exchange, increase the understanding of the clusters, as well as develop and implement regional and joint action plans.
SMTF is responsible for workpackage 6; Measures for Regional and Joint Action Plans scheduled for the fall 2014.

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“Clean North Sea Shipping” (CNSS) is a project under the EU North Sea Region Programme that finalized in February 2014. The CNSS project involved 18 partners from six countries. It was praised as a very “hands-on” project with a strong focus on the market. It delivered multiple tools to reduce exhaust gas emissions from ships, with the objective to improve the environmental and health situation caused by air pollution and greenhouse gases from shipping along the North Sea coast and within ports in the area. The project studied available technologies, focusing on LNG and onshore power supply. Swedish Marine Technology Forum was in charge of developing a LNG showcase that informed and stimulated different stakeholders to take action and implement the necessary infrastructure.

Category: Finished

The NÖKS Project