Lagom till att rederierna börjar fundera kring hur de lättast ska hantera EU’s kommande MRV-förordning (Monitoring, Reporting and Verification) kommer Blueflow med en pressrelease på samma tema:

“Blueflow now announces that we have been granted funds from the Swedish Energy Agency® for the development of integrating MRV support in Blueflow Fuel®. Selecting Blueflow as your company’s fuel and energy management platform will ensure MRV-compatibility and minimize the effort needed to comply with the MRV regulation.

With the EU calling for a global approach to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from shipping has resulted in the requirement for shipping lines to take action. On the 1st of January 2018 all large shipping vessels, using EU ports, will be required to report their annual emissions (verified). For our customers Blueflow Fuel® is a natural platform for their future MRV work as our product is already today partially compliant with the EU’s MRV legislation.”