There are a lot of possibilities for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises within the maritime industry to receive funding for innovation projects. Lighthouse and the Swedish Maritime Technology Forum, SMTF, now invites Swedish maritime SME’s to two seminars where we let three actors talk about current funding possibilities for innovation projects. Researchers who are interested in collaboration with maritime SME’s are also welcomed. The seminars are also meant to be a meeting place for SMEs and researchers to help develop new connections and possible collaboration partners for other research, development and innovation projects.
One seminar will be held in Stockholm 6 October, and one seminar will take place in Gothenburg on October 7.

Welcome – Karina Linnér, SMTF, Carolina Kihlström, Lighthouse

Presentation of BSR Innovation Express – Catarina Hedar, the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management (Gothenburg), Wilhelm von Seth, Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (Stockholm)
BSR Innovation Express is a program for internationalisation of SMEs, which invites cluster organisations, business networks and research environments that represent SMEs internationalization needs. Projects that are prioritised are those focusing on marine and water-related environmental technology, and projects that prepare participation of SMEs in innovation projects for EU programs such as Horizon 2020.
Since the deadline for an application to BSR Innovation Express is in the near future, we recommend that parties interested in this programme look into starting the work with an application as soon as possible.
Funding opportunities is between 250 000-500 000 SEK
Last day to apply is 31 October.
Read more about BSR Innovation Express here.

Presentation of future innovation needs regarding air emissions from shipping – Cecilia Lindblad, the Environmental Protection Agency (Stockholm only)
The Environmental Protection Agency has a number of research and innovation programmes, for example they recently finished the BONUS research programme regarding the Baltic Sea environment and community development. They are now looking into coming programmes, where one potential area could be innovation needs regarding air emissions from shipping.
Read more about the Environmental Protection Agencies research and innovation programmes here.

Presentation of Planning Grant for Horizon 2020 – Per Lindqvist (Stockholm), Jenny Goodwin (Gothenburg), EU/SME
EU’s 8th EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation is the biggest ever, with nearly €80 billion of funding available over 7 years (2014-2020). SMEs have the possibility to receive a planning grant to help fund the work needed to join or make an application for the Horizon 2020 programme. How Horizon 2020 works and the possibilities that exist will also be briefly presented.
The application for planning grant is continuously open, application should be sent in 4 weeks before the EU call is closed.
Read more about planning grants for Horizon 2020 here.

The seminars will be held in Swedish.

Please register your participation to, no later than 3 October. Coffee will be served. The seminar is free of charge.

Lighthouse and SMTF are not able to invite all participants for lunch that is free of charge. However, participants that wish to meet before the seminars for lunch are invited to Lilla Hasselbacken in Stockholm (Djurgårdsslätten 78) and L´s Kitchen in Gothenburg (Lindholmspiren 5) at 12.00.