Oresund Dry Docks

One of the leading shipyards in Sweden.


Oresund Dry Docks is one of the leading shipyards in Sweden. Our strategic location, in the heart of the Oresund, means shorter deviations for shipping companies operating the Baltic and Bothnian Sea and the North Sea.

We offer cutting-edge competences within many areas – from project management to production.

We are a shipyard with a huge wealth of resources. Our facility has a high crane and quay capacity. We have vast workshop spaces, enabling us to accept large-scale assignments. Our dry dock is placed in the center of the complex for greater efficiency due to shorter workshop distances. The floating dock is located along our northern quay.

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Adress: Profilgatan 23, 261 27 Landskrona

Telefon:+46 418 565 80