Active in the polyurethane industry for more than 40 years.


For the toughest conditions at sea, UW-ELAST AB has been active in the polyurethane industry more than 40 years. Today, our 50 employees produce more than 300 tonnes of polyurethane products annually. Companies operating in the marine sector and the offshore industry and are amongst our regular customers.

Consequently, we are closely involved with specially engineered materials for use in tough, humid conditions. Slitan®, our in-house developed polyurethane, meets severe requirements in respect of hydrolysis resistance, wear and operational durability.

Our new production facility for very large parts (up to 1500 kg) makes us easily the most important polyurethane manufacturer in Scandinavia. “Customised solutions in polyurethane is our standard. It is your requirements and needs that determine the design and properties of the final product.

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