Ta chansen och delta i ett kostnadsfritt B2B event med amerikanska och europeiska företag:
The Maritime Alliance from San Diego, USA, is coming to Denmark with a delegation of ten top companies interested in collaboration with European companies. And you have the chance to meet them!

Deltagande företag från USA (fler kommer läggas till efterhand):

The maritime Industry in San Diego is massive bringing in more than $14 Billion a year, and supports more than 46,000 jobs.
The Maritime Alliance was chosen by the U.S. Department of Commerce to organize the 1st ever U.S. Maritime Technology Export Initiative and a visit to Denmark is part of the program.

The purpose of the Danish-US Maritime Networking Day is to foster collaboration between Danish and US companies in the maritime industry. Not only will you be able to meet the above, but Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Polish, Lithuanian and UK maritime clusters and some of their companies have expressed an interest in participating in the Networking Day.
So keep an eye on the website for new registrations and participating companies whom you can meet.
At the Danish-US Maritime Networking Day you can:
• Participate in matchmaking between Danish and US maritime companies

• Book and select your own meetings

• Get up-to-date with the latest trends in the blue economy

• Get to know the U.S. companies when they each provide a 5 minute “lightning” introductions

The Danish-US Maritime Networking Day is organized by The Maritime Alliance, Enterprise Europe Network, European American Enterprise Council, Maritime Cluster Funen, Maritime Development Center, MARCOD, Innovation Network for Environmental Technology and Offshoreenergy.dk.