San Pedro Bay Ports – Clean Air Action Plan Technology Advancement Program:

Dear Fellow Members of SMTF,

I have been approached by the Port of Long Beach to promote their Technology Advancement Program. This is a joint program between the Ports of San Pedro Bay, i.e. Port of Long Beach and The Port of Los Angeles.

The Ports are committed to encouraging the development of cutting-edge emission-reduction technologies. To that end, the Ports set aside money each year for the Technology Advancement Program, aka TAP, which provides funding, guidance, and staff support to test promising air technologies in a real-world port environment.

The Port of Long Beach and Port of Los Angeles have released a Technology Inquiry to obtain information about hybrid, near-zero and zero-emission cargo handling equipment technologies in preparation for grant opportunities anticipated over the 2016–2017 fiscal year.

For more info and applications please visit:

Technology Advancement Program

You will find all info needed there, as well as previously funded innovations implemented. You are always welcome to contact me also.

Best regards

Nils Mårtensson Glisco AB (