Next week the Swedish company Marsafe will atend Danish Maritime Fair in Copenhagen. At DMF they will present their new innovating life sving system “ALC – Autorelease life jacket Container”. “- The project has spanned over several years and we are pleased to present our final system on DMF”, says Johan Andersson, co-founder and developer at Marsafe. 

Today, life jackets are often stowed in sealed containers on deck. This is fine during the daily routines or exercises, but in an emergency and if a ship sinks very fast it can be a total disaster if no one has the time to open the containers.

The completely new concept ALC – Autorelease Life jacket Container started as a bachelor thesis at Linnaeus University in Kalmar, Sweden. At several major shipping accidents, especially the M/S Estonia disaster the lifejacket containers was left unopened, which resulted in that life jackets was kept on-board the sinking vessel and was not available to the passengers and crew in the water.

Co-founder Viktor Lundberg: “- Our life jacket containers combine the functions of an easy daily use and also have an emergency function. When an unopened container is submerged the life jackets are released automatically and float to the distressed persons at the surface”.

Over 14 000 incidents since 2011.

According to European Maritime Safety Agency, EMSA, there been over 14 000 incidents or accidents only in Europe since 2011.

“- At DMF we will present a system that will increase the possibilities to survive these accidents.”

Sailing entrepreneurs

Marsafe was founded in 2014 by the entrepreneurs 1st Engineer Viktor Lundberg and Chief Officer Johan Andersson, both working in the industry for many years.

“- After the final tests at the Swedish Navy’s Diving- and Naval Medical Centre in Karlskrona we are confident we have a reliable system that will increase safety for both crew and passengers on-board”. Johan Andersson continues, “- Come and talk to us at DMF and we will explain why the ALC-system is so important for the people on-board, for both passengers and crew.


Marsafe will exhibit at the Swedish Pavilion , stand 0830.

Listen to us at Speakers Corner 25 October 16:00-16:45