Accelerating Transformation toward Sustainability with Power of AI
Achieving long-term ecological sustainability is arguably the largest challenge currently facing humanity. In the marine commercial sector, the main focus is on electrification. 

However, one key insight we need to bring into this endeavor is that
we are not electrifying the machines. We are electrifying the 
operation – which largely hinges on human behavior.

In this presentation, Ethan Faghani, CEO of Swedish startup Cetasol, will show how the journey towards marine electrification can be accelerated by AI-based digital solutions.
About Ethan Faghani:
Ethan is CEO and founding partner of Cetasol. Cetasol is a spin-off from Volvo 
focusing on marine sustainability. He has worked on disruptive innovations at 
different startups and enterprises including Volvo and Cummins-Westport. 
Ethan received his Ph.D. in mechatronics (UBC) and Executive innovation & entrepreneurship (Stanford).
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