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Short introduction
The annual market for procurements from large international NGOs, such as the United Nations, Red Cross, IMF, World Bank, etc., amounts to a substantial $20 billion. Despite this immense potential, numerous companies in the Central Baltic countries remain unaware of the sales and growth opportunities these markets present. 

Addressing this challenge, the Promoting Exports to International NGOs (INGOs) project offers small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) a comprehensive range of services. The project partners provide useful up-to-date information, facilitate networking events, and link businesses with expert coaches and mentors. These actions serve the project’s primary objective: to equip SMEs with the necessary tools to secure contracts with international non-governmental organizations. 

Expected results
Through the collaborative efforts of the project partners, participating SMEs will gain access to an extensive suite of services designed to maximize their chances of striking profitable deals with international NGOs. These services range from informative and engaging networking events to personalized mentoring sessions. 

As a direct outcome of the project’s activities, a number of SMEs will be able to enter, and win, procurement bids from these organizations. Furthermore, a larger pool of companies will be well-prepared to capitalize on substantial sales opportunities in the future. Additionally, the partner organizations will enhance their expertise and refine their processes to effectively inform local companies about the possibilities offered by global NGO markets. 

The INGOs project not only supports the development of markets but also contributes to the United Nations’ sustainable development goals. By promoting the worldwide export of sustainable innovations originating from the Central Baltic region, the project actively contributes to advancing global sustainability objectives. 

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