Cetasol works in marine sustainability. Their first innovation, the iHelm is a digital intelligent platform for captains and business owners, to save fuel and reduce emissions while staying safe and on time. 


Cetasol is a Swedish startup that wants to challenge the marine commercial sector to take bold strides in a more sustainable direction. Their first innovation, the AI platform iHelm, helps captains and crew on small and medium-sized vessels save fuel and reduce emissions, without affecting passenger comfort, safety or their time-table. The iHelm includes a lightweight, easy-to-install sensor package and is then based on a flexible subscription to meet customer needs.

Cetasol focuses on co-creation and works in close collaboration with customers to constantly evolve and improve on their solutions. The company has Volvo Penta and Qamcom as co-owners and is based in Gothenburg.

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Cetasol AB, Åvägen 17C, 41251 Göteborg