Open Innovation for Maritime Development

Open Innovation for Maritime Development


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SARGASSO is an open maritime innovation and collaboration platform connecting your challenge or idea with the right brains to reach solutions, partnership and business.

SMTF is home to a network of 100 member-companies active in the field of maritime technology. Through our financiers and collaboration partners SARGASSO is connected to expertise and test beds beyond the maritime industry in various sectors ranging from IT, agriculture, industrial production, packaging to new materials, to name a few.

Do you have a Pitch for the platform? Our members get prior access to your proposal before we send it out to our wider network – nationally and internationally. You set the level of transparency of your proposal and we bring back the response from our community.

Friends of SARGASSO receive proposals released to the wider network. All sectors are welcome – we like diversity.

Want to be our friend and recieve proposals?

Are you a Swedish company and want to be a member of the SMTF network?


Week 1
 Issue of RFP/RFD to SMTF members
Week 3
 Deadline expression of interest from members and issue of RFP/RFD to SARGASSO’s wider network
Week 4
Members expression of interest sent to RFP/RFD-owner
Week 6
 Deadline expression of interest from wider network
Week 7
– List of expression of interest sent to RFP/RFD-owner followed by a Skype meeting
Week 10
 Obligatory follow up of proceedings

The Process

The Pitch is the baseline of your proposal and what we use to evaluate whether it has enough substance to put on the SARGASSO platform.


Do you have a proposal for the platform?
Start off by
sending us your pitch

After a successful pitch, you will need to define whether you have a Request for Development (RFD) or a Request for Proposal (RFP).

Do you have questions or want to get in touch?

Please e-mail 

Request for Development
The Request for development (RFD) defines your innovation. It is a rough outline of the roadmap needed to develop the idea into a commercialized product or service. The RFD is typically not yet mature enough to put on the TRL-scale*. Keep it short and sweet with your future customers top of mind. Proceed
Request for Proposal
The Request for proposal (RFP) defines your technical and/or service based challenge. It is typically on the middle/higher end of the TRL-scale*. It should state the scope of your challenge and the business case. Make sure your request is understandable and appealing to partners outside of your own industry. Proceed
Release & Response

Your proposal will go live to our members first hand and then released to the wider network. In due course we return with the response and feedback from the community.

Release & Response is a 10 weeks long process.

Current and coming calls

Listed below you will find different calls from financiers of relevance for the maritime industry.



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Nordic Innovation

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EU Horizon2020:
DG Mare

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Innovation in SME’s (INNOSUP)
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Pressrelease for the next longterm call period:
Horizon Europe (2021-2027)