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Climeon is a provider of energy efficiency technology, headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. The company’s unique waste heat recovery technology, the Climeon Heat Power System, uses principals of an ORC, but at much lower pressure levels. The patented low-pressure technology allows for optimal efficiency from low-temperature heat sources such as jacket cooling water. Exploiting the temperature difference between the hot and cold water sources, Climeon’s Heat Power System produces usable electric power for the ship’s electrical demand, reducing the load on the ship’s generators. The Climeon control system automatically and continuously ensures that the power output is maximized or optimized based on site preferences.

 The system’s compact and modular design, highest efficiency conversion of low-grade waste heat within the ORC market, and its ability to utilize sea water as the cooling source, allows for simple integration with the vessel’s existing systems and makes it highly suitable for marine applications. As a proven technology since 2015, the Climeon Heat Power System has received approval from major certification companies and helped ship owners like Viking Line and Virgin Voyages increase their energy efficiency, saving fuel costs and reducing impact on the environment.”



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