IRIS Sweden AB

Improvement Reporting Information System Sweden AB
Provider of the IRIS system & services.

We adapt the system to you. Instead of the other way around.
From IRIS you can always expect client-individual applications. You pick the functions you really need and attach them to our or your existing system.



Lessons Learned: Shares knowledge and provides inputs to problem solving

Management of Change: Take care of all elements in a change process, to ensure that a change will be a success

Reports: Thanks to the step-by-step wizard, writing reports have never been easier.

Risk Assessment: Identify potential hazards before they happen

Search & Analysis: Reports are stored in IRIS’ database. Analysis can easily be performed by using its search function

Governing Documents: IRIS supports all handling of the Governing Documents, always up to date and accessible

Inspections & Audits: All kinds of audit reports accessible in one place

KPI Statistics: Present KPI-data for benchmark of KPI’s and safety performance across the fleet.

Certificates: Gain a comprehensive view of all the vessels certificates

Discussions: Keep workflow and discussions streamlined.

Experience Transfer: Compare your own experience with similar events in the shipping industry.

Forms & Checklists: Plan and follow up your checklists, inspections and meetings with pre-built forms

Actions: Structured and prioritized action lists ready to send out of the box

Permits: Simplify the permission process with simple wizards and a logical work flow

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